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April 08, 2014  •  3 Comments

After so many years of telling myself that I had absolutely nothing to say in a blog, I finally relented. I realised that it wasn’t so much that I had nothing to say. It was more of a case that I really didn’t know whom to share it with…

I’m an assignment photographer, in real terms this means I take commissions or assignments from clients. I specialise in humanitarian photojournalism / reportage, documentary essays and travel. I also love doing portraits, environmental portraits, or personality driven portraits. I love connecting with people and cultures. I speak three languages fluently: English, French and Creole. I also speak basic Bahasa Indonesia and while I have an affinity for Spanish and Italian my next language adventure will most likely be Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia.

I have worked in some not so easy places. Among others were Aceh/Indonesia after the tsunami, Haiti in the aftermath of the 2004 insurrection and after the 2010 earthquake, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and South Sudan. I go where people are struggling and striving to make things better. I have worked with organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the World Food Programme (WFP), Oxfam, the Red Cross, and Action Against Hunger (ACF). I have lived through project cycles, fieldwork, curfews, lockdowns, insurrections, police actions and donor fatigue. I have also dwelled in more time zones than I care to remember...

What I do is advocacy; helping those I meet articulate what their circumstances are all about. I do this through a comprehensive documentary approach. This occurs in the hope of making things a little better by helping to influence stakeholders and decision-makers. 

I have worked in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. I do my utmost to always produce compelling visual narratives. I love what I do, be it for an editor/travel magazine or a director of communication of a humanitarian organisation and/or international institution.

Digging for ShellsDigging for ShellsBoys digging for shells at low tide on the south east coast of the island of Zanzibar

Today, photography and travel are interwoven with everything I do in my life. Indeed, I have established some principles about how I approach assignments. I’m a professional member of the NPPA since 2005, which means I adhere to the highest journalistic standards of integrity, independence and absence of bias. I articulate projections and forecasts of planned coverage of events, as required, for each assignment.  Furthermore, I always give priority to image content and aesthetic elements, accuracy of captions and speed of delivery to customers. 

Should you have a potential assignment you’d like to discuss, you can reach me through the CONTACT section here on this website.




stefan verna(non-registered)
Love the writing and luv the poetry of your photos. Respect! for doing what you love for so many years with craft & intergrity. Proud of you my cousin.
Bonjour Henry - Merci infiniment pour vos commentaires. Ils sont fort appréciés.
Henry Saint-Fleur(non-registered)
Bonjour, Jean-Bernard m'a souvent parlé de vous. Il a entièrement raison. Vos photos sont magnifiques. L'image ci-haut du garçon tournant dos à la caméra et l'autre au baton est un ballet visuel où leurs gestes, leurs postures comme par enchantement nous rappelle l'enfance.
Henry Saint-Fleur, photographe
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